Friday, March 13, 2015

Meeting on 42nd Street

At 42nd Street, by chance,
They nearly passed without a glance.
Distracted by work's daily crunch,
Both men were rushing back from lunch.

At Third, the traffic light turned red;
They looked around, one blinked, and said,
"Hey, Frank, I can't believe it's true;
Long time, since I bumped into you!"

Frank laughed, delighted, and replied,
"Hi, Tony, hey, I thought you died!
I haven't seen you since last year.
I know I'm right, on that I'm clear."

"Our class reunion had just passed.
Time disappears so bloody fast.
What 's new? You look like things are swell.
I hope the family's doing well."

His friend said, "Yeah, I can't complain;
In fact, we just got back from Spain.
We'd planned to go there since last June,
A kind of second honeymoon."

"It goes too quick, what can I say?
Your wedding seems like yesterday,
But that was - what, ten years ago?"
On green, they both began to go.

The friends shook hands, made plans to meet
For drinks one day right down the street.
Let's not forget, both of them vowed,
Then vanished in the milling crowd.

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