Monday, January 26, 2015

On reality

When I was young, and innocent,
I had a solipsistic bent;
There was no way that I could see
The world was real outside of me.

I liked to think Rene Descartes
Had put the horse before the cart;
"I think, therefor I am," he said,
And from that point, my thoughts all led.

Reality could have no place,
Unless my thoughts created space;
A different end I thought perverse,
Inside my private universe.

There were no "us," no "them," no "you,"
No consequences to construe,
No consciousness of woe, or pain,
No thoughts of others to retain.

Solipsism owned its portion
In my world view's distortion.
But I soon learned life guides our reach,
And proves the truths its rigors teach.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

On a memory

I miss the fluent language of her touch,
The reassuring pressure of her hand
In mine, expressing more than words command,
The warmth alone, communicating much.

And when I held her closely in my arms,
And kissed her supple lips, no words were said;
Our kisses were enough, no pledges read,
We were immune from cares, and worldly harms.

While pacing corridors of fleeting time,
I recall meeting in that special place,
Our brief communion sanctified by grace,
The precious moments vivid, pure, sublime.

Friday, January 23, 2015

There was a young lady named Molly

There was a young lady named Molly,
For whom swearing was always a folly,
But misjudging her age,
Put her into a rage,
Then she swore like a sailor, by golly!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

On late romance

Now that you're old, are you still prone
To seek romance, if you"re alone?
The question's quite a simple one:
Is that your aim, or are you done?

Do you prefer to come and go
As you wish? Check off "yes," or "no."
Are you prepared to compromise
On everything? Is that wise?

When people reach a certain age,
Most have been married by that stage.
They've dreamed the dream, and danced the dance;
Is true love worth another chance?

A life alone may seem unfair,
"Togetherness" blooms everywhere;
Wise men admit, there is a time
For love, but lacking it's no crime.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Simple facts

I'm calmer now, since I got old,
Life proves enough, as time unfolds;
I taught myself how to relax,
And mull the truth of simple facts.

Mansions? I have none at all,
Nor servants at my beck and call;
No penthouse on Park Avenue,
Or second home, with ocean view.

I never owned a private jet,
Or frolicked with the wealthy set;
I never was a millionaire,
But that's okay, and I don't care.

Youth burns bright with steady fire,
As it achieves each new desire,
Yet at some point, near end of day,
The fire dies, fuel burned away.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On winter's cruelty

When winter comes, the earth, once green and fair,
Looks sad, stripped of her charms, in disrepute,
And winter is in charge, but earth can dare
To dream of summer, and its luscious fruit;
Long days of warmer weather, free of snow
And discomfort, the promise of new life;
A fertile time, when gorgeous flowers grow,
A time when songbirds sing, love's pleasures rife.
Though winter won't give up its icy hold,
The earth retains her dreams of early springs,
Sweet harbingers of warmth that ease the cold;
Winter is cruel; while cold weather clings,
The miseries of winter give us cause
To curse its rule, and nature's rigid laws.

Monday, January 12, 2015

On romance

Why romance?
To promote

Should romance
Still prevail,
Its job done?