Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nothing changes: 15 April 1945

At Bergen-Belsen, it was said,
Not all the prisoners were dead;
Survivors stared with vacant eyes
At dead bodies beset  by flies.

Seventy years have come and gone
Since British soldiers came upon
Frail remnants of the human race
Alive, within that hellish place.

The living, some too weak to stand,
Were offered help by every hand,
While rotting corpses, past all care,
Stank up the gentle springtime air.

Has man improved in all that time?
Erased his feral thirst for crimes
Against himself? Across the years,
How should we answer through our tears?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I kissed her lips and all my fears dissolved,
My admiration augmenting the fire
Of my passion, intensifying desire,
Encouraging my trembling heart's resolve.
I held her hand in mine, and my poor head
Grew dizzy, full of plans to contemplate.
I touched her cheek , and marvelled at my fate;
Her eyes told me that I was not misled.
Yes, here was happiness I could embrace;
A gift more precious than a golden crown;
A prize worth more to me than foolish fame.
I was encircled; in a state of grace;
And in that blessed, enchanted ring I found
Sanctuary: In truth, love was its name.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Karen's considering

Karen's considering what she should do;
Go get her nails done, or visit the zoo?
She'll have to decide, although it is hard;
She might plant some flowers, out in the yard;

Or go for a bicycle ride through the park;
Or catch fireflies, as soon as it's dark.
So much to decide, she could use a map,
Or lie down in bed, and just take a nap.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Let's praise young soldiers

Let's praise young soldiers, dead in war,
Who never knew what was in store,
Who trusted what their leaders said;
Let's mourn the youths, now that they're dead.

Let's praise them with a grand parade,
For the sacrifices that they made,
They fell before opponents' guns;
Let's grieve with families, for their sons.

Let's praise them for their handsome looks,
Their photos now in history books,
War took their lives before their prime;
Let's weep for soldiers out of time.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mad Men, or sad men?

I saw Mad Men from first to last,
And frankly, I was just aghast.
In spite of all the praise it got,
Good entertainment, it was not.

The storyline did not appeal,
Ir made me yawn, I had to steal
Some furtive glances at the clock;
I never have been pleased with schlock.

A trip to Mars

What would induce someone to face
A voyage through the night of space,
What breed of man, attempt to try
To flee the earth and pierce the sky,

Leave home behind, and fly to Mars,
Or hunger for the distant stars,
What urgent need could he presume,
To laugh at fate, and risk his doom?