Saturday, August 29, 2015

The future is now

When I retired, I made a vow;
Forget the future, live for now.
The fickle years fly by too fast;
Who knows which one will be the last?

When I still worked, I donned a suit
Before I made each day's commute.
Today, my suits are in disuse,
And I don't polish any shoes.

Also, I sport a full grey beard
Where once my naked face appeared,
I relish all the time I've saved,
Once wasted by me when I shaved.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Beware the Kraken

The Kraken is a giant squid
Who waits for prey, once he has hid,
The terror of the ocean floor,
According to the ancient lore.

When he's hungry, he won't fail
To grab an unsuspecting whale,
And famished, when he wins the fight,
He'll eat his victim with delight.

Ships that hope to save their bacon,
Should evade the wily Kraken.
His tentacles don't ever slip
When they surround a hapless ship.

He'll pull it underneath the waves
Where other ships lie in their graves.
He's doom to ships that are too slow;
Beware! The Kraken waits below.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Land of opportunity blues

I had a good career, but I don't miss the grind; it's done.
Retired, my time's my own, and I use it to have fun.
But, I'm sad for graduates today, their careers can't start;
They're still at home, with mom and dad, it almost breaks my heart.
They drank the Kool-Aid, studied hard, and now they get to see
No jobs are out there in this "land of opportunity."

There are some jobs available, and stuff that they can do,
Like selling burgers, or ice cream, but even those are few,
Or retail sales, like selling clothes, at stores inside the mall;
That beats the aggravation, when they never get a call
For jobs they were trained to do, which is why they went to school;
They walked the walk, and talked the talk, and now they're played the fool.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

To hear the sounds

Songs lack for music when unsung,
Bells never toll when they're unrung;
Poems have a voice, and must be heard;
Speak them aloud, but sing the words.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The politician

Every slippery politician
Holds a partisan position,
But he'll soften it with euphemism
To hide his blatant party-ism.

He'll sweet-talk voters very well
To sell stuff that he's told to sell,
And he'll strive to gain affection,
Always seeking re-election.

His wealthy owners let him know
Without their cash, he'd have to go,
So he parrots lines they taught him
And talks fast; that's why they bought him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On the Pluto mission's success

At last! We know how Pluto looks,
An item for the history books;
The New Horizons, NASA's probe,
Has sent photos of the tiny globe.

It lies four billion miles from earth,
And what we learn will prove of worth;
The voyage took nearly ten years,
But now, its great success is clear.

But, where are our priorities?
What matters most? To you, to me?
It looks like war will still endure,
And, as for cancer? Still no cure.

And, will we ever find relief
From poverty, and hunger's grief?
Although we've had a huge success,
We've ancient problems to address.

Monday, July 20, 2015

To reach the sky

Skilled Daedalus built feathered wings,
And asked his son to test the things.
He made the wings with wax for glue,
And thought the sticky wax should do.

He warned his son the wax might melt,
But Icarus, foolhardy, felt
Impervious to any harm;
His father's words caused no alarm.

The feckless boy, immune to care,
Soon launched himself into the air.
He flew too near the burning sun,
The wings fell off, and he was done.

The dream of flight, to reach the sky,
Is brave, and noble, worth the try.
That time, it came to no avail,
And so, we end this sorry tale.