Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On man

The more I know men, the better I like dogs
                                   - Charles de Gaulle

Man makes a lot of noise, his ego big,
His movements frantic, like a whirligig;
He shakes his fist, defiant, at the sky,
And claims his kind alone will never die.

The strangest animal of all is man,
Who's sure he's part of some eternal plan.

A quondam guest whose tenancy is short,
He whines and leaves behind a curt report,
To tell us that his hotel was no good,
And detrimental to the neighborhood.

The strangest animal of all is man,
Who's sure he's part of some eternal plan.

A loud visitor who demands the best,
He thoughtlessly befouls every nest,
Ignoring those whose needs he won't surmise,
Certain that only he deserves a prize.

The strangest animal of all is man,
Who's sure he's part of some eternal plan.

The infinite expanse of time and space
Pays scant atttention to the human race;
The universe is large, and won't reshape
Reality to suit a  hairless ape.

The strangest animal of all is man,
Who's sure he's part of some eternal plan.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The zoo

A zoo's a place where we can see
Animals in captivity,
Where we can gawk, and others gape,
Over gymnastics by an ape.

Some like all creatures serpentine,
As they uncoil and recline,
But as for me, I tend to shake,
When I'm confronted by a snake.

A lion growls in his sleep;
Is this the life he'd really keep?
His diligent and patient mate
lies near, but won't elaborate.

Caged birds squawk and swoop and scatter;
What's behind their chitter-chatter?
Perhaps if they had any say,
They'd pack their bags, and fly away.

The monkeys look a lot like us;
Are we a subject they discuss?
Do they presume we're out on bail,
Relaxed, while they remain in jail?

The languid bears bask in the sun,
But are they having any fun?
Would they bet that we're fit to eat,
And classify us as a treat?

Who's in the zoo, and by what rules?
Are we, too, animals, or ghouls?
Have we an answer, something pat,
And worthy of a diplomat?

This spinning globe on which we live,
Is filled with creatures we can give
The same rights that we hold as true
For this whole world, this fragile zoo.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, to me,
Seventy-four, I see;
All gone, seventy-three,
And what will be, will be

Saturday, July 26, 2014

On genealogy

What fun, I thought, that it might be,
To trace my genealogy,
To know the names, the times, and how
My family grew, from then to now.

My chart looks like a pyramid;
I wrote my name on top, I did.
Below, I wrote in Mom and Dad,
The closest relatives I  had.

Next, grandparents, four in all,
What fun, I'm having such a ball!
Then come the "greats," eight in number;
Now's no time to think of slumber.

The second "greats" equal sixteen,
More relatives than I'd foreseen,
And then I reach the "great, great, greats,"
All thirty-two, both men and mates.

I think I'll stop and rest a while;
Soon I can put them all on file.
I've still got cousins, uncles, aunts,
At least an army, at a glance.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tempus fugit

I try to value every day,
Use part for work, use part for play.
I always think there'll be more time,
And surely, thinking's not a crime.
It's quite odd, no doubt about it,
Time does fly, I have to shout it.
I left my bed before sunrise,
And time sped by before my eyes,
Until I had a startling hunch
That it was nearly time for lunch.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The body electronic

Praise the body electronic
And the Web, it's vital tonic,
Providing a new synergy
To help us see what we can be

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Ostrich

The Ostrich is an awkward bird,
With long legs verging on absurd;
The silly bird's not fit to fly,
Not one is ever in the sky.
But run she can, a thing of wonder,
When she sprints, it sounds like thunder.
She pecks and pokes for worms and slugs,
Grub that at her heartstrings tugs,
But she's still a tasty dinner,
If Lioness wants fowl in her.