Friday, January 30, 2015

On metaphor

A metaphor can bring
True grace to what you sing,
And take your breath away.

A simile or two
May strike a chord for you,
Sweet sounds you can essay.

Their use, wherever made
Improves a serenade;
Such music rules the day.

When songs are sung on key
To make a harmony,
Bright metaphors will pay.

Monday, January 26, 2015

On reality

When I was young, and innocent,
I had a solipsistic bent;
There was no way that I could see
The world as real, outside of me.

I liked to think Rene Descartes
Had put the horse before the cart;
"I think, therefore I am," he said,
And from that point, my thoughts all led.

The world itself could have no place,
Unless a mirror showed my face;
A different sight would be perverse,
Inside my private universe.

There were no "us," no "them," no "you,"
No consequences to construe,
No consciousness of woe, or pain,
No thoughts of others to retain.

The solipsistic stance I had
Proclaimed all other views were bad,
But selfishness is not the way,
Despite what narcissists may say.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

On a memory

I miss the fluent language of her touch,
The reassuring pressure of her hand
In mine, expressing more than words command,
The warmth alone, communicating much.

And when I held her closely in my arms,
And kissed her supple lips, no words were said;
Our kisses were enough, no pledges read,
We were immune from cares, and worldly harms.

While pacing corridors of fleeting time,
I recall meeting in that special place,
Our brief communion sanctified by grace,
The precious moments vivid, pure, sublime.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

On late romance

Now that you're old, should you bemoan
The single life, if you're alone?
The question's quite an easy one;
"Is love a "must," or, are you done?

When people reach a certain age,
Most have been married by that stage.
They've dreamed the dream, and tried romance;
Is new love worth another chance?

Do you prefer to come and go
When you feel ready? Yes or no?
Your answer will be a surprise,
If you find joy in compromise.

"Togetherness" can cause a scare;
Of fairy tales, you should beware.
Though wedded bliss might seem sublime,
For single life, it may be time!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Simple facts

I'm calmer now, since I got old,
Life shows you how, as time unfolds;
I mulled the truth of simple facts,
And taught myself how to relax,

Mansions? I have none at all,
Nor servants at my beck and call;
No penthouse on Park Avenue,
Or second home, with ocean view.

I never owned a private jet,
Or frolicked with the wealthy set;
I never was a millionaire,
And that's okay, I just don't care.

Youth's ambitions burn with fire,
As we satisfy each new desire,
Yet at some point, near end of day,
The fire dies, fuel burned away.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On winter's cruelty

When winter comes, the earth, once green and fair,
Looks sad, stripped of her charms, in disrepute,
And winter is in charge, but earth can dare
To dream of summer, and its luscious fruit;
Long days of warmer weather, free of snow
And discomfort, the promise of new life;
A fertile time, when gorgeous flowers grow,
A time when songbirds sing, love's pleasures rife.
Though winter won't give up its icy hold,
The earth retains her dreams of early springs,
Sweet harbingers of warmth that ease the cold;
Winter is cruel; while cold weather clings,
The miseries of winter give us cause
To curse its rule, and nature's rigid laws.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My father's birthday

The day arrived, then slipped away;
A hundred years, since he was born,
But I forgot to note his day,
Or celebrate the life he'd worn.

I'd like to think he'd understand;
Work always takes priority,
My life is hectic, meetings planned,
And scarce a moment when I'm free.

He told me, "Work, rewards will come.
When you have won, your battles fought,
Appreciate what you've become,
You'll revel in the things you've wrought."

He taught me not to deviate
From goals. The prize would ease all pain.
Success itself, would palliate
The efforts made, and I would gain.

I follow his advice today;
It always stands me in good stead;
Before I plunge into the fray,
I pause, remember what he said.

Pictures that I remember best,
Are etched into my memory;
When he cooked trout he caught with zest,
Or he flew model planes with me.

I smile about his love of cars;
When we went to the rodeo;
The tales he loved of distant Mars,
And when we saw a Broadway show.

With these memories, I still can
Be startled that this vibrant man,
Was born a century ago;
The only father that I know.

Friday, January 2, 2015

The lure of love

When you were taken by the lure of love,
And opened your heart on that ardent quest;
When you were silky as a flight of doves,
And soared aloft, and forsook all the rest;
When you were searching for that love so sweet,
Overflowing with hope, lacking all fears;
When you were reckless in your urge to meet
Your perfect lover, in your green-vine years,
The world seemed to offer the love you sought,
And your love was there, real as love can be.
Your heart was ready for the love you caught
In the net you cast when you trolled love's sea,
But life taught a lesson; love went away,
And fled like a breeze on a summer's day.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: Thoughts at the new year

Atheism must seem quite odd,
To people who believe in God;
The faithful claim their strong belief
Will help them, when they suffer grief.

But atheism has a point;
Man's suffering is out of joint,
If God exists, he might do well,
To shield the weak from evil's spell.

If God is everything that's good,
Can famine, drought, be understood?
If God is kind, and love's his theme,
Starvation should be just a dream.

The faithful, on their knees, will pray
To God to help them on their way,
Yet thousands die in pain and fear;
Would not a kind God interfere?

Is grave disease within God's plan?
If so, is that the fault of man?
When floods destroy uncounted souls,
Does that comply with heaven's goals?