Saturday, June 27, 2015


Each time the circus came to town,
That night, I'd try to stay awake,
So terrified about the clowns,
They'd give me dreams rhat made me quack.

To me, they're all grotesque and mean,
And slimey creatures to the core,
Exaggerated and obscene,
Nightmarish ghouls that I abhor.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A family portrait

The camera caught a pleasant sight;
My mother's family, bathed in light.
The image sharp, the picture shows
Them as they were, so long ago.

Grandfather wears a solemn face.
The children stand straight in their place,
Afraid to make the slightest gaffe;
Grandmother tries hard not to laugh.

They're all long gone, but I can see
Their vivid, sweet humanity,
The warmth and hopes that they display
In an old photo from that day.

Friday, June 19, 2015


We call the old people, "seniors citizens,"
Vanilla words that segregate the old,
But well-meaning; it's a harmless title -
We certainly would never condescend.

Then we describe the people next in line
As middle-aged, not sure of what that means;
Except, they obviously aren't kids,
But they're too young to lump in with the old.

Finally, we have youth; ah, golden youth,
A time to flourish, enjoy, and find love!
We call youth beautiful, exciting, fun!
We smile at its mistakes (we made some too).

The labels make us feel smart, and cozy,
Cocooned and snug, and knowing where we are,
But they can't change the quality of truth;
We're simply people, living out our lives.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I never heard my father laugh

I never heard my father laugh,
Or ever saw my father cry;
Attempts at humor were brushed off,
When bad news came, his eyes stayed dry.

Strong passions that he may have felt,
Emotions to perplex his soul,
Were reined in when the cards were dealt;
To win the game, his only goal.

I know he learned his lesson well,
I've wondered how he learned to hide;
What part of him he had to sell,
And if he knew that something died.