Sunday, April 7, 2013

They marked me down for 10 o'clock

They marked me down for ten o'clock.
Not eight. Or nine. I had a lock.
I walked in early, per routine,
And signed the sheet; I knew the scene.

They put me in a little room,
I checked my watch, began to fume.
Ten minutes passed, and then ten more;
No doctor walked in through the door.

When sixty minutes' time had passed,
The doctor came! Oh, joy! At last!
I fixed her with a steely stare,
As she walked in without a care.

"My time's as valuable to me,
As yours to you, and it's not free."
She blushed, and muttered an excuse,
In fact, her reasons were profuse.

Exam time came again this year;
I thought I'd made my point quite clear,
But nothing changed, and she was late;
She held me up and made me wait.

If I were tardy, I would hear
Some silly nonsense hit my ear.
They'd try to charge a penalty;
How unsurprising that would be!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When I first looked and saw her eyes

When I first looked and saw her eyes
Were not a green I might devise,
Nor blue reflected in the skies
That arch above a pleasant day;
I have to think that they were grey.

Wine-dark and deep was Homer's sea,
On sun-filled days, both light and free,
But storms could void that tendency
And sometimes cast that tone away;
I have to think her eyes were grey.

Her eyes could never even hint
A color I could hope to mint;
No flower has that subtle glint,
Not green, not blue; how can I say?
I have to think her eyes were grey.

Perhaps I'm telling it all wrong?
I could describe her eyes in song,
The melody would be quite strong;
Yet somehow, music's not the way,
So I'll just say her eyes were grey.