Friday, January 2, 2015

The lure of love

When you were taken by the lure of love,
And opened your heart on that ardent quest;
When you were silky as a flight of doves,
And soared aloft, and forsook all the rest;
When you were searching for that love so sweet,
Overflowing with hope, lacking all fears;
When you were reckless in your urge to meet
Your perfect lover, in your green-vine years,
The world seemed to offer the love you sought,
And your love was there, real as love can be.
Your heart was ready for the love you caught
In the net you cast when you trolled love's sea,
But life taught a lesson; love went away,
And fled like a breeze on a summer's day.


  1. It fled so fast. Maybe a warm, not hot, breeze will come by again. I vaguely remember "green vine days."

  2. Maybe it morphed into something else? Enjoyed your poem, Marc