Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: Thoughts at the new year

Atheism must seem quite odd,
To people who believe in God;
The faithful claim their strong belief
Will help them, when they suffer grief.

But atheism has a point;
Man's suffering is out of joint,
If God exists, he might do well,
To shield the weak from evil's spell.

If God is everything that's good,
Can famine, drought, be understood?
If God is kind, and love's his theme,
Starvation should be just a dream.

The faithful, on their knees, will pray
To God to help them on their way,
Yet thousands die in pain and fear;
Would not a kind God interfere?

Is grave disease within God's plan?
If so, is that the fault of man?
When floods destroy uncounted souls,
Does that comply with heaven's goals?

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