Friday, August 22, 2014

Cruising along

For fifty years, it never ceased;
I drove a million miles, at least.
If i could choose, to drive, or stay,
I always chose to drive away.

The weather never curbed my pace;
A fear of snow equaled disgrace.
Inside the car, my life was sweet,
While cruising in the driver's seat.

My love of driving now has passed;
The car I own will be my last.
With luck, it soon should be antique,
The type of car collectors seek.

Today, I hardly drive at all,
Not even to the shopping mall.
I only drive when I have chores;
They know me at convenience stores.

I drive there when I need some milk,
Or other products of that ilk.
Here's trivia that should amaze;
I haven't filled my tank for days!

A rise per gallon at the pump,
Before, would really burn my rump;
Did I say days? It's months for me.
It's like I almost drive for free!

Don't get me wrong, I still like cars,
(And rockets for my trip to Mars).
Now a grin's replaced a glower;
No more traffic, or rush hour!

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