Thursday, August 21, 2014

On dealing with a bore

I locked up, on my getaway
To beat the rush to work that day,
But luck escaped me, what a bore!
I met the neighbor from next door.

She collared me, and moaned, and wailed,
Exclaiming what her woes entailed;
About her teenaged son named Fred,
Who's doesn't work, and stays in bed.

I tried to leave, but she was quick,
And told me that her cat was sick;
I also learned her back went out,
And that her husband has the gout.

I rolled my eyes. "What's with this dame?"
I know, I thought, I'll do the same!
"I'm sad to hear you have trouble,
Compared to you, mine are double."

I put my stuff down on the stoop,
Prepared to rattle off some poop;
How I stayed up too late last night,
And how my in-laws love to fight.

"And one thing more, I dropped my cup,
As scalding coffee filled it up.
Some splattered on my favorite tie."
I looked quite sad, as though I'd cry.

"A lace broke, as I tied my shoes,
When I saw that, I blew a fuse!
I noticed that her eyes were glazed;
She seemed to be a little dazed.

My neighbor, mumbling, left me then,
I guess she won't be back again.
I haven't seen her, and that's fine;
I know her problems aren't mine.

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