Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sleeping in

I always did appreciate
The days when I could sleep in late.
You have to push and pull and prod,
To make me leave the Land of Nod.

The Army rose at reveille,
Too early for the likes of me!
When I'd awake, of slumber shorn,
I'd rise, ill-willed, to greet the morn.

My duty done, civilian work
Made clock alarm bells hard to shirk.
My job began at nine each day,
And wide awake, I had to stay.

When I retired, I could foresee
Great scads of sleep in store for me.
No early morning rush ahead,
I'd snooze, and dream away in bed.

But life is full of little jokes,
Seems sleeping late's for other folks;
I seldom sleep beyond the dawn,
I'm out of bed, with one last yawn.

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