Friday, May 30, 2014

Now that I'm old

Now that I'm old, I can do what I wish,
Eat steak for breakfast, or left-over fish;
Get rid of my duds, I don't need a lot,
Wear sweats when it's cold, and shorts when it's hot;

Stop shaving my face; clean-shavings a pain,
Leave my umbrella, and stroll in the rain;
Stay in the house if the roads are a mess,
And drive when I choose, no more, and no less;

Sleep in when I like, or stay up all night,
Watch TV all day, or go fly a kite;
Answer the phone, if I'm willing to talk,
Or just let it ring, and go for a walk;

Read a new book, if it meets with my taste,
Or toss it away, if I think it's a waste;
Watch Casa Blanca, a film that is fun,
Eat gobs of ice cream, or groan at a pun;

Make doctors' visits, but refuse to wait,
And give him "what for!" if he turns up late;
Tell off the waiters and clerks who are rude,
Give them a rant on their bad attitude.

Old age ain't easy; I won't deny it,
But parts can still make life a laugh-riot.
I followed the rules, and I toed the line;
But that was before, now this time's all mine.

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