Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When I first looked and saw her eyes

When I first looked and saw her eyes
Were not a green I might devise,
Nor blue reflected in the skies
That arch above a pleasant day;
I have to think that they were grey.

Wine-dark and deep was Homer's sea,
On sun-filled days, both light and free,
But storms could void that tendency
And sometimes cast that tone away;
I have to think her eyes were grey.

Her eyes could never even hint
A color I could hope to mint;
No flower has that subtle glint,
Not green, not blue; how can I say?
I have to think her eyes were grey.

Perhaps I'm telling it all wrong?
I could describe her eyes in song,
The melody would be quite strong;
Yet somehow, music's not the way,
So I'll just say her eyes were grey.


  1. I remember grey eyes.

  2. I played basketball for the base team at Offutt AFB. After a game, a friend of mine told me there was a new girl on base who saw me and wanted to meet me.

    He introduced us and we got in the front seat of his car to go for some fast food. She said it was all right for me to put my arm around her to make it more comfortable.

    She was a pretty girl with hipnotic grey eyes like I'd never seen--or had I? Her perfume was intoxicating and her voice was a song. She cozied up to me and I was getting swept. I hoped the food was as fast as she was.

    She reached up and took hold of my hand. Each time she batted her lashes at me I was stunned, but for some reason, cautioned by the luring grey eyes.

    As we parked at the restaurant, it hit me. I bellowed, "Oh no! I just got it!" She yelled, "Oh darn!" My buddy rocked with laughter.

    Once a month there is a mandatory assembly with the Wing Commander called Commander's Call. That week I had attended and the commander introduced the newest member of his staff: Chaplain Colonel Anders. His grey eyes had just come into view.

    We still had fun over burgers and fries, but Miss Anders was on the Off Limits List.

    Thanks for the memory. She sure was pretty.