Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Computer chair blues

My chair was hard, my butt was sore;
I couldn't take it anymore.
I surfed the web, began to search
To find a new computer perch.

I looked at dozens, and found one
That worked for me, and I was done;
Dressed up in black, replete with charm,
Its personality was warm.

When it arrived by UPS
The battered box showed some distress;
Re-taped in places, dented, worn,
Its look was frazzled, glum, forlorn.

I peeked inside to check each part
Before I even made a start,
But - what the hell - could it be true?
It lacked an arm; I needed two!

I called the store that sold the chair
And reached a nice clerk working there.
She said she'd send the missing piece,
But it would take three days, at least.

I thanked her, and hung up the phone,
Quite grateful for the help she'd shown;
To celebrate, I had to eat
A bowl of ice cream as a treat.

The time dragged by, the three days passed,
And I received the arm - at last.
My brand new chair would soon be done,
There'd been a glitch, but now I'd won!

I tightened up a final screw;
It wouldn't catch, what should I do?
I took it out to look at it,
And nearly had a fainting fit.

The bloody screw head's top was smooth,
It came like that, without a groove!
I slowly counted up to ten
And sighed; well, here I go again.

I called the clerk back right away;
She mailed new screws that very day.
A human contact will incline
To help, with products bought on line.

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