Saturday, December 20, 2014

Celebrate the Solstice - Winter 2014

Tomorrow's the day; don't pass your chance up,
Solstice arrives: quaff egggnog, fill your cup!
Celebrate its return, shortest day of the year,
The longest night, but soon, spring will be here.

Solstice marks earth's passage, circling the sun,
The autumn's over, get ready for fun!
Winter begins; think of snow, think of ice,
Shoveling driveways, not one time, but twice.

What could compare to sky-high heating bills,
And cars that break down, or cold weather thrills
Like stocking supplies (the power might fail),
Or walking dogs, in the teeth of a gale?

The Solstice reminds us, just three months hence,
When our yearning for warm weather's intense,
We'll smile, see crocuses bloom by the door;
We love four seasons; how could we ask more?

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