Sunday, September 14, 2014

The ballad of Big Foot

Somewhere, some say, but facts are slim,
A giant lurks; can we find him?
Known as Sasquatch, Big Foot, Yeti;
He might find us, when he's ready.

In Washington and Oregon,
Some hikers glimpse him, then he's gone.
Sherpas in the Himalayas
Contend he's seen on snowy days.

Abominable Snowman keeps
Aloof from men, on mountain steeps,
The climbers claim it's unimpeached;
He's sighted where they haven't reached.

So, that's the gist, the story's end,
Passed on by travelers, as they wend
Through forest trails, or blinding snow;
Is he real? We may never know.


  1. Has there not been a recent(ish) report of an (almost) verified sighting?
    Or am I making this up?
    I’m not too sure myself.

    1. Friko:
      Big Foot, Nessie, and the Kraken are cousins of Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy. I believed in all of them - until I was about seven years old. But still ....