Friday, June 20, 2014

The old computer's down blues

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Well, I sat down and booted up the old PC,
The darned screen stayed black - I guess it had it in for me.
I pressed a few keys, but it did no good;
It still stayed black, like I knew it would.

Must be on strike. Wants a raise. More vacation.

So I called my pal at the computer fix-it store.
I kept my story short, so I wouldn't be a bore.
He said, "I can't come now; I'm here in the store alone.
I'll be there tomorrow; if I can't, I'll phone."

Best offer out there. Had to take it. Read the paper.

I shut off the computer, put more coffee in my cup.
Now I had a list of "couldn'ts"; I was one sad pup;
Couldn't check my email, couldn't work on my blog,
So I grabbed the leash, and I walked the dog.

Dog was happy. Humped my leg. Quality time.

Before computers came, I did lots of stuff;
Most of the time, I was busy enough.
I listened to the radio, and read a lot;
The librarian was surprised at all the books I got.

They were on paper. Made outta trees.
Had to turn pages.
Saved on ee-lec-tric-ity

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