Saturday, March 8, 2014

A good night's sleep

For years I was stubborn, refusing to rest,
Instead of admitting a good sleep was best.
When the thought of a nap came into my mind,
I banished it fast, and went back to the grind.

I'd stretch and I'd yawn, and I'd say with a groan,
"I need to write, and more time than I own."
I'd drink coffee all day, cups past all the telling,
Ignoring my sleep-loss, my body rebelling.

I stayed in the game, with my eye on the stake,
Kept playing my hand, though I needed a break.
And the hours dragged on, but at last all seemed fine;
If I had the best cards, the jackpot was mine.

At my keyboard that day, and the memory's sore,
I fell asleep in my chair, wound up on the floor,
And as I got up, I realized with a shock,
I'd been leading my life in a race with the clock.

From infancy's days, all through life's churning storm,
I'd been brain-washed to think work alone was the norm;
But it isn't at all, that's a tale we've beeen told
That keeps us distracted until we are old.

"I'm retired," I thought, "What's the point, what's the rush,
And these are the days when my life should be lush."
I looked all around, as the shadows grew deep,
Walked into the bedroom, and went straight to sleep.

I'd just learned a lesson, a truth for the ages;
We change as we grow through life's varied stages.
Ambition is good, we should welcome it's prod,
But up to a point; after that, it's just odd.

Now I sleep when I'm tired, always seeking to rest,
I pay heed to my body; I've learned it knows best.
I make plenty of time for smelling sweet flowers,
It's balance in life that enhances our powers.

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