Thursday, October 17, 2013

How many houses should a rich man own?

How many houses should a rich man own?
Does it affect the homeless on the street?
Or is that question better left alone?
Would it annoy the rich if they should meet?
And good health care, is that a right at all,
In the land of the brave, home of the free,
Or just an empty prospect, still in thrall
To political expediency?
And what about the burdened middle class,
Its dreams on hold, jobs lost, and homes foreclosed,
While rich men quaff their champagne by the glass?
Is modern life the way that we supposed?
Is life unfair? You've every right to ask;
To reason why's the unforgiving task.


  1. Was it ever thus, I think. And I'm with you on the coffee on the previous post.


  2. Life probably always was unfair, but we mere mortals still should try to make it better.